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Custom Pump Stations

PS-1 Series Simplex Single Containment Pump Stationsps1_sm.jpg

    If you want a simple system for your Industrial Wastewater and light chemical applications, the PS-1 series is for you.  Its' single containment tank is suitable for most applications (local codes may require dual containment for some chemicals, see PS-2 and PS-4 series pump stations below).    The single pump and level controller offer basic operation.



PS-2 Series Simplex Dual Containment Pump Stationsps2_sm.jpg

    Based on the PS-1 series pump stations, these stations offer a second tank for dual containment.  Also included as a standard is a dual containment alarm switch.  Again, this style of tank setup may be best suited for your more hazardous chemicals.  



PS-3 Series Duplex Single Containment Pump Stationsps3_sm.jpg

    This dual pump setup offers worry free operation with it's lead / lag operation.  This means that one of the pumps is dedicated to the primary operation of the station, and if sized properly, will pump down the station by its' self.   The second pump in the system is designed to backup the primary pump and will only turn on if the level continues to rise in the tank..



PS-4 Series Duplex Dual Containment Pump Stationsps4_sm.jpg

    Offering the same features of the PS-3 series pump stations, these stations have a second tank for dual containment.  The PS-4 is the best when it comes to reliability and trouble free operation.  With it's redundant systems, these stations are prepared for just about anything.




Various Technologies Inc. Kommand-O-Lottm

Economy Pump Stations

EPS Series Pump Stationseps1_sm.jpg

    Ideally designed for light duty chemical applications, these low profile stations work extremely well under lab sinks and other tight locations.  But, don't let their size fool you.  The Various Technologies Economy Pump Stations offer more features, as standard, than many other pump stations on the market.  Some of these features include an integral strainer, sight glass/clean out hatch, inlet down pipe, and many more.  All this and a 1/2HP pump capable of discharging up to 47.3' TDH which surpasses many 3/4HP pumps.  Available in the same simplex/duplex and single/dual containment configurations as our custom pump stations.





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