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Various Technologies Inc. Economy Pump Station

Series EPS

eps105-48.jpg (26358 bytes)    Designed for Low Profile and light chemical duty, the Various Technologies Inc. Economy Pump Stations (EPS) are perfect for most waste water applications.  With a limited overall height, these stations will fit inside cabnets or under benches were space is limited.  Like out Custom Series Pump stations, the EPS series stations are still constructed completely out of thermoplastics for good corrosion resistance.  And all of this offered at an economical price and quick lead times.

For more information, download the EPS data sheet.

Check and Compare our Standard Features

  • Run Dry capability for up to 8 hours.
  • Quite pump operation facilitates laboratory under sink installations.
  • High pump efficiency means less horsepower for more pumping capacity.
  • Standard delivery typically in 3 weeks
  • Discharge check(s) and pump isolation valve(s) included.
  • 20amps at 120Vac operation.
  • Welded primary tank cover helps insure water tight integrity.
  • Down pipe on inlet to prevent turbulence in the tank.
  • Internal strainer and sight glass/clean out hatch.
  • Factory wired and teseted!  Ready for operation.
  • Design allows easy periodic facility maintenance.
  • Primary tank standoffs permit easy visual leak inspection.
  • Dual containment drip pan construction simulates industry standard tank berm construction.
  • Secondary alarm level switch for monitoring spills in the dual containment tank.
  • Dual containment volume of 120% or better than that of the primary tank.
  • An owners manual ships with each station.
  • Komand-O-LotTM Liquid Level Controller(s).
  • Welded tank fittings for a better leak tight seal.



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