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Terms and Conditions of Sale

Various Technologies Incorporated will extend to customers on account, terms of (30) thirty days net from date of invoice. All prices are F.O.B. Various Technologies Incorporated. Minimum order is $50.00 and must be in U. S. funds or similar negotiable notes. A service charge of .05% per day (1.5% per month, 18% annually) will be imposed on all past due accounts.

Orders cannot be cancelled, reinstated, or returned, without Various Technologies Incorporated written consent. All quoted delivery dates are estimates only, and are in no case a condition for cancellation of an order. Custom designed, modified, or large quantities of product are in no case subject to return, cancellation, change in specification, change shipping release, or alteration of other conditions set forth at time of order. Shortages, deductions, or corrections must be reported within (10) ten working days from receipt of shipment. If not reported within this period it will not be honored.

Goods can be returned to Various Technologies Incorporated only after proper written approval and return procedures are followed. All product returned for credit must be in unused saleable condition. Credit will be issued, less a 20% restocking and handling charge, at original invoice or current price, whichever is lower. Product return for service, whether under warranty or not, will not be accepted unless thoroughly cleaned and free of chemical contaminants. All products to be returned are assigned a Return Goods Authorization Number which must be clearly displayed on the exterior of all shipping cartons. Any damages or costs incurred in the process of shipping returned goods, or as a consequence thereof, are the sole responsibility of the customer. Failure to follow the foregoing will result in refusal of the incoming shipment by Various Technologies Incorporated.

Designs, specifications, and pricing shown in Various Technologies Incorporated literature are subject to change without notice. Dimensions are as close to actual as possible, but are not guaranteed. Therefore, claims based on discrepancy between actual dimensions of product versus listed data in literature will not be accepted.

All quotations, orders, and contracts are subject to approval by Various Technologies Incorporated Home Office and shall be contrived and binding under California State Law. Various Technologies Incorporated reserves the right to correct clerical errors on quotations, acknowledgments, orders, invoices, and other documents.

The preceding constitutes (except as otherwise set forth in writing by Various Technologies Incorporated) all of Various Technologies Incorporated terms and conditions of sale. No other representation or guarantees, expressed or implied, are made by Various Technologies Incorporated.

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