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What's New at VTI?

Introducing the New and Improved Liquid Level Switch and Controller Head.

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Soon to be installed on all LS-40, LS-50 level switches and all LC-29, LC-39, LC-90, LC-91, LC-92, and LC-93 level controllers.  With almost twice the working space inside the new control head, installation and maintenance of these new level switches and level controllers is much easier.  All in a package that is only 0.6" larger in diameter!

New Features:

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Threaded Cap with O-Ring for water tight seal

1/2" Conduit Stub

Larger Control head = More room to work

Will fit all existing V.T.I. Pump Stations

New 2" MNPT Threaded base for easier mounting!



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Detailed Feature Review:

Increased Size:  The obvious reason for making the control head larger is for ease of installation and maintenance.  We've almost doubled the volume of the control head.  Which means no more cramped fingers while working on wire nuts and additional room to store a little extra wire.


Threaded Cap and O-ring:  The threaded cap ensures that the cap of the control head is firmly secured and seated to the control head and guarantees a water tight seal with the O-ring.  Also designed to meet UL requirements.


2" MNPT Mounting thread:  This new thread size allows for a cleaner mounting design.  No longer do you have to remove the 2" floats and stop rings from the level switch column in order to get the switch to fit thought a 1-1/4" threaded opening.  Now, the entire unit will pass through a 2" threaded fitting and directly mount to the top of your tank.  Our New mount bracket designs will accept the 2" thread while maintaining the same bolt hole pattern on our old mounting platforms.  1-1/4" MNPT Control Head Mounting Thread for certain retrofit applications will be available at an additional cost.  (Note:  Removal of the 2" float required for installation)




Coming Soon:

Duplexing Model allowing control of two pumps from one level controller.


Note:  We currently have limited stock on the old control heads and will be switching over to the new control head as soon as stock is depleted.  Unit pricing will remain the same until January 1, 2002.  If you have concerns about retrofitting a new unit to your old, please contact us and we will be happy to assist with a solution.

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