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LSK-3 Adjustable Single Point Liquid Level Switch Kit

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    Simplicity itself.  The LSK-3 level switch kit allows column length and set point decisions to be made in the field.  Further, in-service set point adjustments can be simply made by sliding the column up or down through a compression style top tank mounting bracket.  The LSK-3 is specially designed to address those hard to handle inductive loads found in electromagnetic devices such as solenoid valves. 

    Typical applications include maintaining a constant liquid level by directly controlling a solenoid valve.   Or, as a high alarm switch to control alarm lights, strobes, and alarm horns.   It can also be used as a high level cut off switch that can directly control most single phase load contactors.  Factory assembly available.  For more information, download the LSK-3 Data Sheet.


Part Number

Wet End Material

List Price





w/ PP column up to 6'






w/ PVDF column up to 6'


Factory assembly is available for this kit.  For PP column lengths up to 60" add $40.00 to the list price.  For PVDF column lengths up to 60" add $80.00 to the list price.  Longer factory assembled lengths are available.   Please call for pricing.



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